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The FBIapprehensive do doctors expect questions like that doctors are getting more and more comfortable with patients asking them questions I think the fact that we now have access to so much information on the Internet doctors realize that they're not the only ones that have information and are more willing to share that with patients okay you mention the Blue Cross has been working on this for a while what have you come up with well we have again the preventive benefits that we have through rhea plans in our regular pp 0 plans we've actually been working through the health reform things said all the changes from

the I'm Obama administration on health care and we've been putting in the right kind of benefits into our health plans to accommodate aloof that I we've also been working around health information technology so we ‘reworking on an initiative where we're providing electronic health records to primary care practices across the state in the hopes that that health information system up then be more efficient and better quality providers well I certainly feel like a better consumer after talking with you thank you so much for this wealth of information thank you and I've got a lot to think about as I can't seem to plan my health coverage I want to thank our panelists for today’s discussion doctor don Bradley

the chief medical officer for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina of course are last guest doctor jimmy come up a senior medical director Rick Ross and doctor Sarah Smithson anew with the health care if you have more questions about controlling medical costs visit Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina online at CBS in C dot by the time a man reaches fifty years of age he has a 75 percent chance up having an enlarged prostate and a percent chance having prostate cancer as he continues to age these numbers continue to worsen it's an accepted medical fact that of a man lives long enough someday prostate problem is virtually guaranteed prostate problems are not however inevitable. 

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