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1. Product Name:B/S Monitoring Host
2. Product Description:Computer Room Environment Monitoring SystemStable and reliable: using industrial CPU with low power consumption and high stability and embedded system, the hardware and software are stable and reliable.1.Product IntroductionThe Environment Monitoring System AY-A8 is a centralized monitoring system of computer room, which integrates the whole distributed environment of computer room. It is a complete indoor centralized monitoring system. It aims at centralized monitoring and management of engine room power and environment. Its monitoring objects are mainly power and environment equipment (such as power distribution, UPS, air conditioning, temperature and humidity, leakage, access control, security, fire protection, lightning protection, etc.)2.Product Parameter (specification)1.Four RS232 interfaces, four RS485 isolation interfaces and two 10/100/1000M Ethernet interfaces are supported.2.Supporting internal fan speed monitoring;3.1U/19 inch standard chassis, front and rear reversible installation, compact structure, suitable for all kinds of cabinets and chassis;4.The industrial standard design is stable and reliable, and can work normally for 7 *24 hours in the environment of -20 ~70.5.Wide voltage input range: AC100V-240V;6.Dual power input design, main power switch to standby power automatically;7.Adopt hardware watchdog circuit, never down.8.Supporting Extended Access of Distributed Monitoring Equipment3.Product Feature and ApplicationThe Monitoring Host is suitable for small and medium-sized computer room, communication base station, UPS computer room, warehouse, cold storage, power environment monitoring application of various power equipment (communication power supply, battery, UPS, low-voltage power distribution) air conditioning equipment and its environment (access control, temperature, humidity, smoke, water immersion, infrared) real-time monitoring, unified management, for the government, finance, public security, customs, telecommunications, telecommunications, etc. Electricity, education, medical treatment, manufacturing industry, enterprises and other fields4.Production DetailsThe Monitoring Device is a centralized monitoring system of computer room, which integrates the whole distributed environment of computer room. It is a complete indoor centralized monitoring system.The monitored objects are divided into two categories according to their functions: power and environment.Power categories include high-voltage distribution, low-voltage distribution, UPS, oil engine, power supply, battery packs, air conditioning, etc.Environmental categories include access control, smoke, temperature, humidity and so on.The monitored objects are classified into two categories: intelligent devices and non-intelligent devices according to the acquisition mode.Intelligent equipment itself has the ability of data acquisition and processing, and has intelligent interface, which can communicate with the host computer.Non-intelligent devices do not have the ability of data acquisition and processing. Sensors, transmitters and collectors need to be added to complete data acquisition and reporting5.Product Qualification?6.Delivery,Shipping and ServiceOur service:Timely: set up technical support department, open hotline service telephone, 7*24 hours technical support; provide close, timely and efficient service for customers.Professional: Professional support service engineers are equipped to provide professional support services to customers.Sincerity: User-oriented, set up the correct user service awareness of employees, and provide sincere service to users with good service attitude.Enthusiasm: technicians are enthusiastic, sincere and patient in solving user's problems and providing thoughtful service to users.7.FAQ1.How many RS485 Sensors I can connect to the Monitoring Host ?4 RS485 Interface Port Supports Chain Connection, 255 sensors in total2.How many Relay Sensors I can connect to the Monitoring Host ?We would suggest not more than 16 sensors to keep the better operation3.Can I only buy the monitoring system only ?Yes, the monitoring system includes the hardware and software4.Does the software ChargeWe will charge for some integration protocol5.How do I know the Monitoring system can work with for my application ?We can offer the full solution and remote debugging if you need;For precise air conditioning control, we will incorporate your protocol into our system in advance.8. Latest Industry News?Network Video Surveillance Storage Solution for Enterprise Factory AreaDifferent from the solution of video surveillance in Enterprise Office area, the scale of factory area is large, the production and management departments are complex, and the safety factor is high. The network video surveillance system collects images through network cameras and compresses them into computer networks. The image quality requirement is no less than four levels.For factory monitoring, it mainly meets two requirements. Firstly, the video surveillance system should ensure the personal safety of the staff in the factory area and public activity area, ensure the property safety of production equipment and other important facilities, prevent man-made sabotage activities, and obtain the video of the process of the incident at the first time after the accident, providing strong evidence for timely handling and tracing responsibility. This is the basic function requirement of video surveillance. Another important aspect is that the video surveillance system can play an auxiliary role in the daily production process of the factory and realize the unattended production line.
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