RestorFX permanent clear coating is the new industry standard for car detailing

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What is RestorFX?
RestorFX is a permanent solution to refinish and restore automotive, marine or aircraft paint on motorcycles, cars, trucks, motor homes, trailers, boats, private and commercial aircraft and more.

Applied professionally, RestorFX Crystal Coat adds a new refinishing coat to your paint, bringing back the original lustre and gloss, while removing scratch and swirl damage. Often, the metallic fleck in your paintwork that made it look so good in the showroom is now invisible due to clear coat damage. However, RestorFX around the world is repairing 99% of clear coat damage.

In addition, your paint now has additional protection against the elements such as Ultra Violet (UV), bird droppings, acid and hard rain, fading, future damage and further deterioration.

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