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 ????? ????towers a switches takes hours as a parent now I'm a push this real hard they could be barren of chef their dock on for me that's a problem scatter help if we can all pushes tower down it's so close vying white which is fine doing I'm confused are she just barely dodged that too that's okay hit the wall behind her are she jumped right through it that's so annoying damn right to adhere Nasik letter yes good get a good I'm going to get a word in there another pursuing us and okay do something police I'm not quite I get now have mandatory do much does problem we should not kill this guy though they really got a perfect ok carefully and how much manna some a little worried if we can do this or not option bonus your we definitely not now and the scaling its damage cases onus’s or something she's being dumb ha-ha so close help nothing better I really want the scaling of some you smile I keep getting tethers tops casing or was his tower we missed our air we go regatta I'm a man of my Q scheme I also hope I S is gone that's fine she male that could the waves got social manner and now it's painful but yours was forced act which is nice tell us the it's the only thing but a another ate a no are seventy more that's alright to doing pretty go here guys you have the most from the world with definite of army as well as nephew showed for to make up for we are plenty assists player kills we got logical come in and that's really what matters is having called income that's why what’s yes the first place is golden color we got that's all that really ma.


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