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something a little time so it in some water also said to be we’ll never get to a high temperature and the only to traditional I know are used to any and are tropical oils like palm oil or coconut oil which are cold-pressed not he did during the extraction process and manners extra virgin olive oil there's native societies you love without becoming overweight but they’re getting totally different type things like fresh ups which are lightly roasted or all home things like dairy which haven’t been marginalized haven't been pasteurized and/or organic not conventional dairy products or organic meats so that we need in almost all cases are completely unnatural types prepared and completely unnatural ways next is the carbohydrates and again completely unnatural most for carbohydrates current Irish things like sugar and high fructose corn syrup can go into the whole host of problems caused by Others natural sweeteners but to the main issues are that they have no enzymes and no finer whereas almost all natural sweeteners that I know love a high degree of fiber and are very high and enzymes as well as being high in anti-oxidants things like raw honey or drive through raisins or dates that been sun-dried not up and ride the way we do in modern society behind times and high in fiber and is but load on your pancreas almost certainly would cut down on the to make diabetes we have a longer obesity even the complex characterswieder fairly different from what people in other countries are white flowers and be over processed very low in nutrients for number reasons so it might never recover hundreds that shouldn't be a surprise that the proteins we are often very unnatural as well but this time the effect is relatively unstudied and much more subtle and unknown we feel love substance animals


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