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Alesandro Ljubicic

The Finest Art Supplies are now available in our art store here in Sydney and online Australia wide.
As an Artist and owner of The Sydney Art Store (Alesandro Ljubicic) It's no secret that I want the finest art supplies to help produce the finest artwork, and at The Sydney Art Store I know that working with the best also becomes a pleasurable experience. So with this in mind, I have searched the best suppliers in Australia and the globe to bring premium art materials back to my store here in Sydney and online Australia wide.

These materials include oil paints and acrylics from France; superior handmade paints from New York and the world's finest pastels and watercolours from Germany & America. Brands include Gamblin, Williamsburg, Old Holland & Michael Harding Handmade Oils, Ampersand, Schmincke, Golden, Senneiler, Blockx and Langridge to name just a few.