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Appetite suppression information this is for weight management it a list out all those are categories and sub-categories and then if there is a supplement listed under the subcategory that means your clay needed extra support for that so category so I can tell you that the client to ischemia which is a test mail I'll did not need support for essential fatty acids for appetite suppression or fight works it's not saying that they don’t need essential fatty acids it's just saying based on your client’s current condition they don't need additional support with your face fiber but they do you your their body is asking for flaxseed oil then you can see information examples that inflation so enzymes okay it's your face okay rest there it's all their body was saying that that they need supporting this is the product that's right okay there's no we'll mapping that needs to be done because our subcategories in categories match are protocol statically so for essential fatty acids for appetite suppression well how does that help well you can just look it up right here sorrow call give you an overview of what your facers at how to but officials are its fresh Blackline Elite  as late I pretty tracked the next we have died questionnaires ID questionnaires are very powerful tool and they can use it 20 or 20 in addition to the bloodworm was a lease technological tool we offers still very valuable okay the questionnaires are feel around understanding which areas support you froze that your clients are consciously away roast it's important for you to take rates 0comments so this questionnaire proviso personalization 20 8 in your determinations so answer subjects I'll a sorry that are most effective for the vote checked so we provide these questionnaires at no charge up they obviously no cost money to run or two bills work charging you for that but it's as simple as they follow again they follow our help protocol exactly so we have a questionnaire or weight management for one source athletic performance in other words for general.

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