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Variant Hayley

you pick your clan's you get to design it yourself and then write it down put it in stone maybe write it down a couple times but one on your Fred’s I want on your car I one at work on your desk maybe one inside your friends I'm and just know that this is your tangible commitment to yourself know that any kind of weight loss product or whatever it's not the product that's helping you lose weight it’s you and your commitment to yourself so doing something like this writing it down talking about it to a friend even in the Commons write it down make your commitment to yourself and know that you are the one who's responsible for your health your weight loss and your general health and happiness it you are stressing yourself out over your deter or your diet or whatever it may be then realized that stress kind of defeats the whole purpose of what you're doing so when we want our body to the be better at detoxifying we want to try and cleanse bad things out of our body then stress is going tube one of the many things that actually kind of acts like toxicity in itself so when we get really stressed out and we have a lot of the stress cortisone pumping through our veins it makes our digestive wellness less affected than less