Affordable oxycodone, percocets, norcs, vicodin adderall and other pain medication

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16oz,32ox Actavis promethazine cough syrup with codeine
Hydros Yellows: 10/325-$4.50 each
Hydros Blues 10/500-$3.50 Each
30mg IR ritalin-$3.00 each
20 mg IR ritalin-$2.00 each
10mg IR ritalin-$1.5 each
30mg IR adderall-$3.00 each
20 mg IR adderall-$2.00 each
Percocet 5mg-round white- $3.00 each
Percs 10mg-oblong with name percocet on one side-$6.00 each
Morphine-$11 each
Dilaudid 8mg-$6 each
Dilaudid 4mg-$3 each
Xannies (White and yellow Bars)-$2.00 each
Roxi 30 blues-$9.00 each-sale!!
OC 80's-$15.00 each
Hydros Yellows: 10/325-$4.50 each
Hydros Blues 10/500-$3.50 Each
Fentanyl pops Atiq 1200mcg = $22.00
Fentanyl pops Atiq 1600mcg = $27.00
Fentanyl Patches Gel 100mcg = $12
vals-$6 each
LSD.........330usd for 100grams
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rating 5/5 Date: 28/12/2016
Need 400 Ritalin 20mg pills R u legit My pis 0488441730 I'll have to drive from albury

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