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Son Pham

Connect 4 Financial Services Pty Ltd first commenced trading in 2009.

While I was working for CommInsure back in 2005, during our breaks my colleagues and I would play a game of Connect 4. Now I don’t want to boast, but I was good, in fact undefeatable! Why? Because I had a strategy and applied it to every game.

Once I gave up my secret I found it very difficult to win. And how does this relate to financial planning you ask? Well in Connect 4 to win you must connect four dots, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The strategy while you play is to not just go for the one single horizontal, vertical or diagonal win, but to try get all. Still confused?

Meaning we concentrate on all strategies and not the one strategy. In financial planning there are 4 critical areas which we concentrate on, they are; Investments, Debt, Risk Management and Superannuation. How can you create wealth if you have debt that is spiralling out of control and is dragging you down? What if your investments are doing well but all of a sudden an unforeseeable event happens and you have not had the appropriate risk management in place, you will find that you will be drawing down on your investments and eventually you will wind back where you began? What about Superannuation? We are living longer thanks to healthier living and advancements in medical science, it could be a difference of hundreds of thousands at retirement. Don't have enough? Haven't protected your wealth?

Financial planning is about always having money to do what you want, when you want. Whether it be taking a holiday, buying your first home, enough funds to retire, financial ability to pay off all your debts or money for unforeseen circumstances. If you build the right foundation you will succeed every time. A house built on a weak foundation will crumble and eventually cost you more money to fix and start again.

Getting it right from the beginning is crucial. Let us show you today for a better tomorrow. Considering all avenues, having the right strategy and structure so that you will succeed, and that is how Connect 4 Financial Services Pty Ltd originated.

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