Fremantle Holiday Accommodation

32 Arundel Street, Fremantle, WA 6160
08 9335 4473
08 9335 4473
Val Newman

Fremantle Holiday Accommodation provides accommodation in Fremantle for travelling business people, tourists and Australians on weekend getaways. Properties offered by Fremantle Holiday Accommodation include boutique and budget apartments, cottages, holiday accommodation and Bed & Breakfast services.

Fremantle Holiday Accommodation was established to provide cottages, rooms and apartments for interstate business people, tourists and local people on weekend getaways.
Fremantle Holiday Accommodation makes the unique attractions of Fremantle’s heritage streetscape and world class beaches available to its clients.
Properties offered by Fremantle Holiday Accommodation include:
• Arundels Boutique accommodation – a classic two-storey 1860s house on Arundel St., Fremantle, Arundels has been recently refurbished to include all modern conveniences.
• Hampton House – Bed and Breakfast in a beautifully restored, tuck-pointed cottage located opposite the Heritage-listed jail on Hampton Road.
• Fremantle Budget Accommodation – two attractively decorated fully renovated self-contained one bedroom apartments on Arundel St., Fremantle.
• Fremantle Cottages – a range of charming, beautifully presented cottages, townhouses and apartments.
• Fremantle Holiday Accommodation – aimed at the holiday-maker, these cottages, townhouses and factory-converted apartments offer holiday-makers ease of access to Fremantle’s leisure facilities and world-class beaches, together with comfort and convenience.
Although aimed primarily at short stay patrons, Fremantle Holiday Accommodation will quote for longer stays on request.