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Network on same formula 22 the power love in this case we're looking at hostess at 12 345 so 5-50 leftover equals a looking up here is 32 right but you have to remember whenever you're doing the number oppose to always subtract to you money think that s remember I can't use the first 1k is the last one so those don't count so will say usable hosts end up being 30 posts per network right you have just done your first unquestioning now I this is this is you know YouTube you grab the child in you thrown in the water right there got between Israel water splashing everywhere that that's the kind of feeling that I have right now as you’re gone wall you know it's not like I caught little peace and tread in a little water little bit here and there but all 100-101 mezzo let's do another one for this 10 min to skip the picture cubit just gets too big to drop but in this scenario

 we've got a Class Network 195 520 000- and we want to break that into networks okay now the Alice let's get some banger that means that we've got one network when any 5.5 data 20 that 0 with a classy seven at Mass 255 that 0 and we want to take this one network has this typically gives us a one network which is 185 520 and break it into 50 difference %uh networks check it's a question that even possible can we do that watched right so first of step number one is to determine the number of networks and convert to binary so we need 50 sublets alright get our old standby binary chart up appeared 128 64 32 16 8421 so 50 as a binary numbers amigos 0 1 China let me finish this and then all I give you my shortcut 15 -30 to you be a 5-4 8 1:18 left.

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