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have long term success and not just change the short term andto the media is absolutely at the forefront guild for this crap mom ill every magazine probably so this or where thistransformation in six months or where uh you know get shredded absin 6 weeks show the sort of thing and that is complete bullshit yeah and as much like the transformation toolsalthough the transformation will show me that person three years ifthey still look like that I'll be impressed because most people will lose certain towait and almost ninety-eight percentninety-five to ninety-eight percent people put although I column in one-third totwo-thirds are people who die lose weight actually put more body fatthan they had to start with that's crazy it is crazy it's itactually is there's a scientific term for total body founder shooting as often happens that there's actually ascientific term for people but then insert body fat overshooting you willget play if it's only smoke that pretty yespretty well think about just a couple more questions for youwhat is one thing that you would like the body building community to knowabout you what's one thing you would like everyoneto know I'm really not an angry at the guy yeah I day by day sees me ranting on Facebook and Twitterand that's what they have le dices cuz I care about people and I'mtired of seeing people get scammed than and taken by scum bags I'm but yeah I'mI'm back here a pretty pretty laid back on happy guy most times mom yeah I heard 0 well what else let's seehere like fancy football in there um just add I'm just like anybody elsethen I am a amor I have my own insecurities I haveno problems I air I I just look train at the Wincomillionaire with rip people this industry alleges 

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