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before you can check my pictures on my Face book or my videos I was kind hot I'll of all hot spot I have 0 Ruiz J consult my skin it is extremely by look and what might that is extremely tight does not even move right that's the way it should be me at some muscle basically that post that skid away so my skin is quite fight to have no problems what so our so it will arrive that bad on how fast you are that's why it's definitely a dangerous for people who love their body to go over with I knew a guy were of about 120 pounds the due to hot stuff plan your route skin he had to go through surgery there with there is no way around thought so not with asking the question mark on the whole you're not in that situation it is you better do it sooner


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3 Critical Muscle Fiber Types in New York
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3 Critical Muscle Fiber Types in New York
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