muscle building

eating you could run a marathon a day and still not be able to overcome that you know extra month than 600 calories you have to rent 600 mine or six miles just to get rid of one muffin crazy six miles for one muffin is that worth it maybe not so here's the formulator managing your own weight and whether you want to lose weight ormaintain your weight think about your goal weight in mind so I'm gonnasay all say 150 cut that the FEMA 150 pounds if you would like to weigh 150 attackers 0 on the end your goal weight and that's your maximum manna calories you consume each day 1500 if you like to weigh 165 1650 will be here calorie your top calorie number and the reason being is takes calories are a few for your body rain so you weigh 200 pounds and you wanton maintain 200 pounds you have to eat at least 2,calories to keep that size body going we burn on average ten calories per day per pound of body weight and that's going that's just going about our business we.

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3 Critical Muscle Fiber Types in AK