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day a lot of my friends are going swimming everybody's in a QP showing off her nice that may in you know they're nice little curve it I'm wearing a t-shirt over my bathing suit because I'm too embarrassed to be seen and that's when it kind of hit me that I needed to relieve really do something I contacted somebody to put together and we'll hang for me as well as an exercise plan I definitely will leave her information it you are interested or you can contact me and I'll provide you her information she's an online trainers you don't necessarily have to be a person thingy to you bet pay prime her teachings after I started to implement your plan and since then I've been able to maintain my weight loss but I wanted to share this Video five-hit that help me she would maintain my weight and help met lose the weight and how I and able to still live abnormal life I eat pizza I'm human I eat bad food every once in a while but ninety percent what I ER clean I generally E clean diet ninety percent of the time and feel that is how I was able to successfully maintain my weight loss so without further ado let me talk about these five text then going to share with you that helped me to successfully lose weight as well maintain the weight loss said number one drink lot of and loss weight loss water is your best friend I no longer drink juice I no longer drink alcohol again remember I just that ninety percent of my diet is clean cell ninety percent of the time I and drinking water question of a Nipper by model theater I have filtration birthday on my top and water is my goal should read sometimes if I want to labor


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